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Smart home – information and implementation


For several years, we have been successfully helping companies to manage IT infrastructure, securing their data, optimizing processes, monitoring, implementing new technologies and dedicated solutions. IT outsourcing and IT services for companies are the core of our business, but we are constantly striving to develop and expand it.

The result is a completely new service – Smart Home, which we also address this time to individual clients and all those who want to live in a safer, more comfortable, and modern way. What exactly is under this description and concept? What is the service and installation? How much is it? What are the possibilities and benefits? We answer these and other questions in today’s article.

What is a Smart Home?

Contrary to first associations, an intelligent home (Smart Home) is not one where you read books and discuss human existence. A smart home is, in other words, a modern space that is used and managed in an intelligent way. It’s a collective name for home automation systems and devices. It is based on the idea of ​​combining all key household devices (activities) in one, integrated system that can be conveniently managed.

A smart home is one that you can communicate with without calling an exorcist

Please note, although we use the benefits of technology in our homes every day, we have flat TVs, innovative household appliances, modern and professional equipment, we still use it in a fairly traditional way. Not very effective. An intelligent house is a solution that meets the needs that you may not be aware of yet! Controlling lighting and heating with a smartphone? Imitation of presence? Issue voice commands with the help of Google Assistant? Remote control of home devices via Messenger? Automatically rolled blinds at fixed times? These are just a few examples and functionalities that may be surprising at first, but when you take a closer look at them – you will understand and want to have them in your home.

The basis of the Smart Home is the so-called Internet of Things, i.e. the concept of objects connected in a network that can communicate with each other and with which users can communicate.

Smart home systems can be divided into wired (i.e. cabling, switches, NAS stations) and wireless (i.e. WI-FI or Bluetooth). If you are just building a house, the idea of a wired system may work. However, we recommend a more flexible and perspective solution, i.e. the installation of a wireless system. It is less invasive (does not require breaking walls), more aesthetic (no wiring), and much more practical. It can be freely and easily modified and transported. However, it is more important than the type of installation what exactly is of practical use and possibilities.

Smart home - possibilities and benefits

In this part, we will introduce you to the most important functionalities of the Smart Home system. It is a flexible solution that can be adapted to your own individual needs, expectations, habits, and lifestyle. Thanks to this, each system can have different automation and individual functions. However, one thing remains unchanged, an intelligent house increases the level of safety and comfort, and additionally helps to save and be more ECO.

Smart home systems were created to make life easier for users – and are designed to do so. To better understand this, we now summarize the most important Smart Home modules.

Intelligent lighting

This is one of the basic modules in the Smart Home. Thanks to it, you gain remote control overall lighting. You can not only adapt it to your needs on an ongoing basis but also set certain automatic processes that will take place even when you are not at home. For example, when you are away for a long time, light bulbs can turn on and off in a certain order, at certain times, and in rooms. In this way, imitating your presence when you are on a business trip or on vacation with your family. If this does not deter burglars and thieves, you can set the option that if the alarm is armed, all lights in the house go out permanently. What other possibilities and functions are available?

The most important functions of intelligent lighting:

  • voice lighting control
  • freely regulating the type and intensity of light
  • special lighting modes depending on mood and duties (e.g. Focus Mode, supporting learning and focus)
  • light control using a mobile application
  • automatic light on and off
  • light following the household member (sensors)
  • presence simulation
  • implementing your own automatic rules (e.g. when you turn on the TV, the lights dim themselves)
  • additional functions for children (e.g. Anti Monster – with one button the child can turn on calming music and light in the room)
  • lighting control not only at home but also in the garden
  • special emergency modes

Intelligent home protection

Your home, all the people and things in it can finally be effectively protected. Before what? Even before the fire. Did you forget about the iron or the roast in the oven? The smoke detector will send you a notification before a tragedy occurs, and the lighting in the house will turn red. Additional sensors will also notify you of a high concentration of carbon monoxide, opening windows and activating ventilation at the same time.

Likewise in the event of flooding. When it detects it, the system will react automatically, even if you are not at home. First of all, it will close the valves, thanks to which you will avoid major damages and problems. The intelligent home system also protects against dangerous weather phenomena. When the sensors sense hail – the roller shutters will automatically close, and when the humidity level in the house exceeds the set level – the ventilation will start automatically.

An intelligent house is also greater protection against burglary and theft. The saying “my home, my fortress” has never been so accurate. The motion sensor integrated with the monitoring system will send you a notification with a recording as soon as it detects a disturbing phenomenon. A trusted neighbor who is supposed to keep an eye on your home while you are away can also receive similar information. What other protective functions can you count on?

The most important functions of intelligent protection:

  • the system automatically reacts to changes in the environment and failures
  • integrated protection functions
  • convenient and efficient mobile service from anywhere
  • system of warnings and notifications
  • intelligent fire alarm system
  • smoke, humidity, pollution, carbon monoxide, etc. detectors
  • air filter
  • automatic fault detection
  • easy, remote access and monitoring management
  • remote disconnection of devices from the power supply
  • one-click alarm
  • motion sensors + notifications
  • remote opening and closing of the door
  • a unique PIN that allows authorized persons to enter the property (the intercom will notify you of their presence)
  • camera IP
  • in the event of an intrusion: siren, warning lights, notification, and recording uploaded to the cloud.

Intelligent gate and roller shutters

This module (like all the others) connects with the others, thanks to which it is of great importance both in terms of security and convenience of use. It allows for much more than remote control of the gate and roller shutters. It allows you to set automatic rules, such as raising the roller shutters at a specified time (e.g. in the morning, just before the alarm clock), or automatic closing of the gate after a specified time after departure. Moreover, the system will adjust itself to weather changes. Based on the weather forecast, windows and shutters will be closed automatically if necessary.

The most important functions of the intelligent system of gates and roller shutters:

  • mobile, voice, and gesture control
  • automatic opening and closing of windows (e.g. opening in case of high concentration of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, automatic closing of windows in case of high outside air pollution)
  • automatic closing and security of the house when the alarm is armed

Smart equipment and multimedia

All home appliances are integrated and communicate with each other within one system! It is more than just a fancy, it is an entry into a completely different dimension of functionality. It is also a completely new quality in terms of economy and safety. And everything is conveniently and efficiently managed over the phone.

Selected possibilities and functionality:

  • remote control of household appliances (voice, application)
  • rules configured to your needs (e.g. turning on your favorite music when entering your home or a given room)
  • Switching on the equipment independently according to a set schedule (e.g. automatic switching on of the TV during the time of your favorite series)
  • system of informing about the equipment turned on (e.g. when the child plays on the console for more than 2 hours)
  • washing, vacuuming, washing on command (connected to the notification system)
  • energy saving system
  • two-way microphones enabling easy communication with household members even during the absence
  • smart sockets (Smart Plug)
  • intelligent sound system, multiroom (i.e. a network of interconnected speakers that can, for example, play music in the room where the user is, and when he changes his place of stay, the music will go there with him).
  • smart home assistant (e.g. Google Home)

For a good mood

A smart home is one where you can finally find a moment for yourself. Which you can adjust to your mood and circumstances. You can easily change its character, depending on whether you need to relax, calm down, or plan a party with friends.

Smart and atmospheric home:

  • remote control of heating, lighting, music
  • ready-made scenarios and scenes depending on the situation (e.g. romantic dinner, match with friends, party for children, etc.)
  • sensors not only at the front door – they can be on the fridge or on the bar
  • real-time weather information and warning messages
  • special relaxation modes for children and adults
  • automatic start of the fireplace, music, etc.

Implementation of intelligent solutions at home and in the company

Smart home and office automation systems are becoming more and more popular. This is conducive to the development of the industry – current solutions and systems are constantly being improved. New functionalities and integrations are added. More and more people see the benefits of having a Smart Home. No wonder. Modern technologies have changed our lives for the better. Thanks to them, we can automate many daily activities, enjoying life to the full. Smart home control has become available to almost everyone. Regardless of whether you live in old or new buildings, or are just planning to build your own house.

Smart homes and offices are an innovative approach to space management, which in addition is intuitive and can be freely personalized. On the one hand, you have everything under control, on the other hand, everything will function perfectly even without your participation – automatically, in a fixed and programmed manner.

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