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Smart Home Installation

Smart Home Installation

Smart Home Installation

This is the house of the future. A house with intelligence that thinks and acts on behalf of the people who live in it, based on their daily needs. With the help of new technology, we are able to create these conditions that will provide us with security, in such a way that until recently it was impossible. There are many automation systems on the market that adapt to installations that are already in operation and others that are installed in newly built buildings.

Such systems communicate with the users of the installation, with a real human voice, which is heard through the on-screen keyboards or through the touch screens that are placed in the space. By entering the personal secret code before leaving the house, the system checks and notifies if there are forgotten windows or doors open. If everything is secured, it gives an audible warning that the owner may leave. In addition, the system has the ability to interface with fire safety and fire detection system and notifies, through a telephone call to predefined telephones, the owner, the police, and the fire brigade.

Today’s automation technologies offer much more than just a programmable timer. A truly automated home is characterized by the ability to create complex lighting conditions, sophisticated security control, video and audio distribution, and power management.

Useful Smart Home Features

  • Lighting control
  • Roller & Awning Control
  • Heating & Cooling Control
  • Home security
  • Control of Water Heater, Irrigation System & Electrical Appliances

Smart Home Installation & Programming

AT World Links, after the appropriate study of the space, identifies the needs and after discussion with the customer undertakes the complete installation of either Smart Functions individually or a complete Smart Home package that will make the house completely smart and functional. Our company provides both the correct installation and the proper planning required for the efficient operation of smart systems.

Technical assistance

The technical support department is able to provide technical support throughout our product range. It consists of experienced technicians, each in a specific field, able to deal with all cases of failure in a minimum of time but also to answer any question regarding the proper use, installation and programming of all systems that our company introduces, manufactures and trades.