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Access Control Systems

Installation of Access Control Systems

Access Control systems provide a wide range of powerful access control systems.

AT World Links has significant experience in Access Control Systems installations in companies. With the possibility provided by our know-how, your space can be used either as an autonomous function or as a point of an integrated network.

The “Readers” of the systems

We provide you with a wide range of readers and keyboards designed to offer you maximum efficiency but also to meet the requirements of your daily needs. These are state-of-the-art systems, based on biometric elements and even infrared radiation, in order to adjust the entry criteria or not, based on your capabilities.

The “Control Units” of the systems

Each installation wants to personalize the entry criteria, to its own needs, as technology changes and gives more access to Access Control systems. The control units installed by our company are flexible, easily replaceable (at reduced cost), scalable (if needed in the future) as well as adaptable to new changes. Our goal is to satisfy your exact wishes.
Installation of Access Control Systems

Access control access categories:

  • With code
  • Approach card
  • Fingerprint
  • Face recognition
  • Eye iris recognition

Installation & Programming

AT World Links, after the appropriate study of the space, identifies the needs and after a discussion with the customer undertakes the complete installation of the Access Control systems . The installation includes both the correct installation and the proper planning required for the efficient operation of the systems.

Technical assistance

The technical support department is able to provide any technical support or training throughout our product range. It consists of experienced technicians, each in a specific field, able to deal with all cases of failure in a minimum of time but also to answer any question regarding the proper use, installation and programming of all systems that our company introduces, manufactures and trades.