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IP Cameras

IP Cameras

IP cameras are internet devices with an internal web server, memory, and the ability to send and receive data via a local area network (LAN) or via the Internet. This feature offers multiple benefits.

IP Cameras have a sensor that can record images in normal resolution, but also in high resolution (HD) depending on our requirements. The signal from the camera sensor is converted to digital, compressed, and stored on a memory card (SD) or travels over the network or the Internet to the recorder, PC, and even mobile phone.

IP Camera Installation

We can remotely fully control our IP Camera

  • to watch image
  • to hear sound
  • to record them on our device
  • to turn the camera (if it is robotic)
  • even talk to be heard through the camera’s built-in speaker.

IP Camera Installation & Programming

AT World Links, after the appropriate study of the area, identifies the needs and after a discussion with the customer undertakes the complete Installation of the IP Cameras. The installation includes both the correct placement and the proper programming required for the efficient operation of the Cameras.

Technical assistance

The technical support department is able to provide technical support to our entire product range. It consists of experienced technicians, each in a specific field, able to deal with all cases of failure in a minimum of time but also to answer any question regarding the proper use, installation, and programming of all systems that our company introduces, manufactures and trades.