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Security Alarm System

security alarm system

Installation of security alarm system

By protecting your home with a Reliable Alarm System, we secure it and protect it from any attacks. AT World Links is specialized in the design, installation, programming, and support of a full range of residential alarm systems. It guarantees the innovation and quality of its services, offering reliability in the safety of both your loved ones and your property.

The effectiveness of our systems is taken for granted due to our reliable and certified partners. Whether you choose to secure your premises with the minimum package of an alarm, or with the most developed and enriched service package, the people of our company will serve you with due respect and professionalism.

We do not discount your insurance. The minimum requirement for us is the maximum possible quality of service for you. We don’t negotiate and offer anything less than that. Crime is on the rise, and every home deserves the utmost security of its members’ property.

Take advantage of the experience of our staff, made up of people trained and specialized in the field of Security Systems. Get to know us and ask for advice, and prices on our products and services.

Installation of security alarm system & Programming of Alarms

AT World Links, having previously conducted an appropriate study of the area identifies the needs and after discussion with the customer undertakes the complete Installation of the Alarms. Installation includes both proper placement and proper programming required for effective alarm operation.

Technical assistance

The technical support department is capable of providing technical support to our entire product range. It consists of experienced technical specialists, each one in a specific field, capable of dealing with all cases of malfunctions in a minimum of time but also to answer any question regarding the correct use, installation, and programming of all the systems that our company imports, manufactures and trades.